Owners from the smallest of enterprises to the largest of boardrooms entrust few people to make mission-critical business decisions in their place.

These select few are the owner's trusted advisors, acting on their behalf in key decisions. Unlike a general contractor or design professional whose fiduciary responsibility is to their employer, an owner's representative is an extension of the owner and solely represents the owner's interest.

To avoid costly construction errors and post-construction issues, an owner's representative must act through the owner's eyes serving as facilitator, mediator, general counsel and general contractor. The representative must ensure that all stakeholders are focused on the project, communicating effectively and working toward the common goal.

As owner's representative, AVA Consultants will be your delegate. We'll find out what your project and business goals are, and make sure your desired outcomes are achieved. We know that your organization's reputation, credibility and profitability are at stake, and ours are too. AVA can identify, assess and recommend design firms and contractors that have the resources and experience necessary for your project, or we can work with your in-house staff and any contractors you've already selected. Throughout the project, we will make recommendations on engineering, design and scope, contract issues, budget and actual cost status, proposed changes, schedule changes, project extensions and problem resolution.