Marc Realty Portfolio

Chicago, Illinois

AVA Consultants established the Project Management organization and systems within Marc Realty in early 2000, and continues to be involved with their more complex projects. These projects include renovation of historic buildings, many of which are landmarked, as well as City of Chicago interface (with both the Department of Planning & Development & Aldermen).

Typical projects include:

•Historic façade renovations and repairs, including brick, limestone, terra cotta, windows and storefronts

• Historic lobby renovations

• Replacing HVAC systems for a 19-story building

• Modernization of elevator hoisting, control systems and cab interiors

• Life-safety improvements including voice communication systems, sprinkler systems and fire control panels

• Tenant interior improvements

• Interface with City of Chicago Landmarks Division, Planning and Development Department and the Department of Buildings (i.e., permits)

Marc Realty

Team Roles 
Anne Voshel, Heather Amro, & Marcello Delfini - Owner’s Representatives