Roosevelt University Auditorium Theater Renovation

Chicago, Illinois

The 114 year old Auditorium Theater is one of Chicago’s most important architectural works (designed by Adler & Sullivan) and a unique performing arts venue. AVA worked to restore the historic paint finishes within the auditorium itself, while totally modernizing many of the backof-house theatre amenities including the stage, mechanical systems and dressing rooms. The project required that multiple projects be constructed simultaneously within tight time constraints. The Auditorium Theatre had significant acoustic issues. AVA ensured that existing excellent acoustics were not detrimentally affected by the renovations. Anne currently sits on the Facilities Committee for the Auditorium Theatre due to her valued expertise in preservation and facilities issues.

Auditorium Theatre Council (now Roosevelt University)

Daniel P. Coffey

Completion Date
August 2003

Construction Cost

Team Roles 
Anne Voshel - Owner’s Representative & Project Executive